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Mail On Sunday Comment: 'Once again it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the current Anglo-American extradition treaty is unequal and oppressive' #MikeLynch #Assange

'Emergency Conference' held in Tel Aviv today in wake of Project Pegasus findings into misuse of Israeli-made spyware | Haaretz #Pegasus #NSOGroup

Con George W. Bush se lanzaron 70.000 bombas en 5 países.

Con Obama, 100.000 en 7 países.

Con Trump, 75.000 sin ningún conflicto abierto.

Pero es Julian Assange quien sigue preso en condiciones inhumanas por denunciar esos crímenes abominables

#FreeAssangeNOW #FreeAssange

"If #Assange is extradited, no journalist in the world is safe from life imprisonment in the United States" - @DanielEllsberg


In 2011 @WikiLeaks and Julian #Assange revealed the Spy Files which document the reality and practices of the international surveillance industry. The same practices are still used today by companies to sell tools like #Pegasus to allow dictators and democracies to spy on anyone.

Reporters Without Borders: 'Craig Murray’s prison sentence on charges related to his blogging is disproportionate and highly concerning. RSF emphasises that journalistic activity should not lead to prison sentences anywhere' #FreePress

Planned demonstration protesting the continued detention of @WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange at Preliminary High Court hearing - 11 August 09.00 BST

Royal Courts of Justice, London

#FreeAssangeNOW #AssangeCase

Scottish PEN expresses grave concern over the imprisonment of Craig Murray and calls for his release. The writer is the first person to be imprisoned in Scotland for media contempt for over 70 years. We fear this ruling will have a chilling effect on reporting and free expression

The August issue of The Monthly is on newsstands next week! With cover essay by @Scottludlam on the fight to free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from the obfuscatory legal processes keeping him in prison.

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Curbing the market power of large, powerful companies can indirectly support the recovery by making monetary policy more powerful. #IMFBlog

Friday marks 100 days until the UN Climate Conference #COP26.

To limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C, countries need to step up their #ClimateAction now.

More from @UNFCCC:

1st, #Russia saved countless lives by being the first to develop a COVID vaccine. Now, their systems were 100% successful in defending an illegal terror attack against the legitimate government of #Syria - a democratically elected admin.
A win for international law, thx to Russia



Typical of U.S. failure, the declining American empire engaged in illegal economic terrorism (in this case) against Chinese elites. #China rightly retaliated, siding with international law and human rights, against the criminal actions of the U.S. regime.

There is no question as to whether #humanity is headed for the stars. The only question is: who among the nations will be upward-minded enough to join the #NobleNation of #Aristopolis in spreading the absolute moral necessity of #excellence to the universe?
#Aristophiles #UN

Influxes of floating sargassum seaweed have been impacting shorelines on both sides of the tropical Atlantic since 2011.

How do we shift from seeing it as ‘brown tide’ hazard to a ‘golden jewel’ opportunity?

Explore in our latest Foresight Brief⤵️

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Moltissimi temi nel mio incontro con la Ministra dell'Interno Luciana Lamorgese: l'Italia é uno dei piú forti partner di INTERPOL, come dimostrano il progetto I-CAN per #StopNdrangheta, e la protezione della  #culturalproperty.


INTERPOL is at the Global Public Safety Expo in Guangzhou, China talking about our new Tech Gym - a training concept that raises awareness among law enforcement leaders on emerging technologies.

Our aim? Making sure police organizations are 'fit' for the future 🥊💻


INTERPOL’s ID-Art app has three main functionalities:
➡️ Mobile access to INTERPOL Stolen Works of Art database
➡️ Creating records of private art collections
➡️ Documenting at risk cultural sites
Download it here Android or Apple

Illicit trafficking in #culturalproperty is a major transnational crime affecting countries of origin, transit, and destination. I highlighted to the #G20 Culture Ministers how INTERPOL’s tools such as ID-Art provide a line of defense against cultural property crime.

Today we're thinking of the 1,800 victims of #HumanTrafficking rescued in INTERPOL-coordinated operations over the last 3 years.

But also of the many more still out there.

We remain committed to supporting law enforcement everywhere in the fight to #EndHumanTrafficking 💙✊

For human traffickers their victims are simply a means of making money. As vital as it is to track and arrest those behind human trafficking, we also need to ensure that rescued victims are protected and respected #EndHumanTrafficking

Online #fraud has exploded during the pandemic yet few criminal funds are ever intercepted by law enforcement.

Today, We launched Project TORII – a 1-year initiative funded by Japan that mobilizes countries across the #ASEAN region & beyond against cyber-enabled #FinancialCrime

In Operation Liberterra, authorities in #Sudan rescued 253 victims of #HumanTrafficking, arresting 32 suspects 👏

Many victims required medical, psychological and housing assistance after their rescue and were taken into the care of protective services.

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