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#ReinoUnido ha aprobado la extradición de Julian Assange a #EEUU

“Pedimos a las autoridades que se abstenga de extraditar a Julian Assange, que Estados Unidos retire los cargos y que se ponga en libertad”, @AgnesCallamard

PEN America: "The Biden Administration must return to its stated principles and drop these charges (against #Assange), in the interest of press freedom and the United States’ global standing with respect to human rights" @PENamerica

Upcoming Dates:
- THIS WEEK: Julian Assange’s 51st Birthday (Fourth detained for publishing in UK prison): July 3
- Anniversary collateral murder incident: July 12
- National Whistleblower Day (US): July 30

🚀 Tickets are selling fast for our special screening of ITHAKA, about John Shipton's tireless campaign to free his son, Julian Assange.

John will join us for a Q&A after the screening.


Julian Assange's wife writes Op-Ed for @Independent: "Julian must be freed before it’s too late. His life depends on it. Your rights depend on it"

Il potere segreto, perché vogliono distruggere Julian #Assange e #Wikileaks. Ne parleremo insieme a @StellaMoris1, @SMaurizi, Maddalena Oliva e al giornalista Max Civili al Festival Internazionale del giornalismo e libro d'inchiesta

Free Julian Assange!

Today we called for Julian´s freedom from the front of an anti-G7 demo with over 6,000 people in Munich.

The climate movement also needs to know his and WikiLeaks´ enormous contributions to the world and stop his extradition!


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#Russia #Ukraine #Europe #America #USA

There is no question as to whether there will be #globalism. The only question is: who will be the globalists? 🇺🇳🇪🇺
#UnitedNations #COVID19 #Russia #Ukraine

Now is the time to acknowledge that the future of Ukraine, Moldova & Georgia lies within the EU.

I will invite you to grant candidate status to Ukraine & Moldova.

In parallel, we will continue to provide Ukraine with strong humanitarian, military, economic & financial support.

Had a phonecall with UN Secretary General @antonioguterres today to discuss ongoing work by the United Nations in finding an urgently needed solution to exporting Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea.

The EU fully supports @UN efforts.

Sea turtles 🐢 help maintain healthy marine ecosystems.

Yet, they are threatened by poaching, #ClimateChange and pollution.

This #WorldSeaTurtleDay and every day, join us to protect marine life for future generations and #SaveOurOceans 🌊

Candidate status for #Ukraine sends a strong political signal. Against autocracy. For freedom.

On behalf of @Europarl_EN, I welcome @EU_Commission's recommendation.

Today's decision puts us on track for #EUCO to grant Ukraine EU candidate status.

We #StandWithUkraine 🇪🇺🇺🇦

My gratitude to His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria and the people of Sweden for their steadfast support of the United Nations.

I trust that the longstanding collaboration between Sweden and the @UN will continue to advance and flourish.

When it comes to #EUDefence, we know what to do and have the tools to make it happen – what is needed now is follow through.

We need to spend more and do more of that spending together.

Read my @ProSyn op-ed

(1/2) HELP proudly presents MHDS! #mentalhealth
⚠️"Given the ubiquity of American school shootings, the Opioid epidemic, the breakdown of social trust, and the rise of social isolation among other problems, mental health is clearly the issue of our time."

As the entire continent feels threatened, #Macron should have presented himself as a great protector, surpassing both Johnson & Biden in hawkishness, instead of trying to play neutral & missing an historic opportunity to unite Europeans across the board.

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INTERPOL officials are dedicated to fighting #EnvironmentalCrime, often on a professional and personal level ✊ 🌱

💻 Watch an INTERPOL team support the Royal Thai Police in an investigation into illegal #deforestation ➡️

👮‍♂️ National Central Bureaus are at the heart of INTERPOL and how we work. They seek the information needed from other NCBs to help investigate crime or criminals in their own country, and they share criminal data and intelligence to assist other countries.

👮‍♀️#ProjectStadia was present at the @INTERPOL_IC Drone Expert Summit to collect good practices for 🌍law enforcement!

🔑Key lesson: carry out real CUAS tests in specific operational environments such as stadiums. Test & retest equipment and procedures for #MajorEventSecurity.

Obrigado @JusticaGovBR Anderson Torres for hosting the successful First Ministerial Meeting against Transnational Organized Crime in South America. Together we will strengthen our joint fight against regional crime threats.

Ministers from across South America have committed to enhancing coordinated action against #TransnationalOrganizedCrime, recognizing INTERPOL’s role in regional security. Find out more ⬇️

Delighted to have hosted an exclusive screening event for Permanent Missions to the UN in Vienna on our fight against online child sexual abuse. We count on the diplomatic community to strengthen the support towards INTERPOL’s efforts. Together, we can safeguard more children.

🕹✈️ Drone technology represents both a threat and a tool for law enforcement

At the 4th INTERPOL Drone Expert Summit this week in Oslo🇳🇴, we brought together law enforcement and industry leaders to explore how drones will impact the future of policing 👮‍♀️

La première session du projet d’@INTERPOL_HQ d’appui à la réponse aux incidents #NRBC dans la région du #Sahel et 🇨🇮, regroupant 26 représentants des forces de l’ordre et de la protection civile du 🇲🇷🇲🇱 🇳🇪 🇧🇫 🇹🇩 et 🇨🇮️a été organisée à #Abidjan grâce au soutien de @francediplo.


ساعد تطبيق #IDArtApp للأجهزة النقالة على تبيان الممتلكات الثقافية المسروقة، والحد من الاتجار غير المشروع بها، وتعزيز فرص استرداد الأعمال المسروقة. وهذا التطبيق متوفر بالمجان لأجهزة آبل وأندرويد النقالة. حمّله الآن:

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